Sunday, August 29, 2010

First Step

Am finally here!!! Finally out with a blog of my own,.Over the months, following many a known faces on their respective blogs,.I had always wondered if ever I would be able to come out with one of my own.To be quite honest, I was quite skeptical and  being technically in adept didnt help either.But thanks to this wonderous world of technology, hardly had to spare Five minutes of my treacherous life in getting there.

The tough part now being done with,.now came the more important and tougher part..What the hell do I write about..Its funny coz all this while I was considering about a million things to "squeeze" in but now that I do have the whole blog to myself, my brain draws a blank..But hey,.no worries,.I will soon get over my temporary freezing and will surely enlighten you all with my over-skilled verbose and  varied take on different angles and perspective on any and everything under the sun(and the moon if it comes to it)..

Being a wildlife enthusiast, matters relating to the wild would surely take some more space,.but that doesnt count out the anything else.Be it politics, films, books, my personal experiences,.I will try my utmost to cover everything. Being a wannabe journalist I have to...And hopefully I will get some support, which would eventually help me write and scrutinize better,.Will be back pretty soon,.Cheers!!

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  1. Bhavesh, Congrats of your 1st blog Post... I read u r blog on kolkata b4 i read this one... I guess u r rite in being sceptical and afraid but as it is said " u wont b able to measure depth of ocean unless and untill u take a dip into it " ... so with u and everyone else .... But i am glad that you did it and your hard work paid off..... in the form of such a nice,grilling and truthful blog..... i hope you will keep writing such blogs and keep us enlightened in future.....

    All the Very Best ....