Sunday, November 13, 2011

Arrival of a ‘true’ Star

After coming into journalism I have been writing vigorously on varied topics for the last two and half years. This blog of mine too has been changing its colours (and I don't mean the layout) since the time I wrote the first post. I generally wrote on topics which interested and intrigued me. However, it’s been quite surprising that I haven’t written anything related to cinema, given how closely and ardently I follow it. (Thanks primarily to a certain best friend of mine, who ensures that I watch almost every film roll that hits the projectors in a cinema hall). Today, however I decided to jot down my thoughts after going through an exhilarating experience in the theatres and watching a true star stamping his place in Indian cinema with a stunning performance which leaves you asking for more. Ranbir Kapoor has arrived people, and is here to stay… Big time…!!

Now, I have been a self – confessed Hrithik Roshan fan for about a decade and have found no one from the new batch of actors even remotely close to him in all these years.  But Ranbir Kapoor has changed all that.  When he made his screen debut with Sanjay Lila Bhansali’s dud ‘Saanwariya’, I wasn't mildly interested in him and just considered him another ‘star kid’ reaping in the benefits of his royal acting lineage. I also gave ‘Bachna Ae Haseeno’ a miss, though I heard mild reports of the ‘arrival of a star’, but chose to ignore them.  However, Ranbir caught my attention with his endearing performance as a young and confused guy in the 2009 film ‘Wake up Sid’  trying to sort things out in his life. He played it convincingly and I doubt anyone else could have played it better. With ‘Rocket Singh’ later that year I was certain Ranbir had the makings of a true star. It was a performance worth applauding, as he played the character of a simple Sikh guy who is honest yet determined very effectively and honestly. He followed it up with an outstandingly mature portrayal of a secluded yet silent man in 'Rajneeti' next year.  But with ‘Rockstar’ Ranbir now has taken a giant leap towards that line that makes you a respected and noted actor, in a league of his own and convinced me that here is a star that with time would keep rising and develop into a well-groomed star.

His scintillating performance as the rustic Haryaanvi Janaardhan, trying to make a name for himself as a musician and wooing the exceptionally pretty college hottie is riveting fun, while contrastingly his broken and angst-ridden Rockstar avatar of Jordan is so believable that you actually start caring for him, wanting his bleeding heart to get the healing touch.  The moment the first reels signal his arrival, you get a feeling that something special is about to arrive.. Every act of his;  be it the way he struts onto the stage to deliver his performance, or the way he holds his guitar, the way he lets out his frustration of the pain he feels in love into his songs or the way he gets irritated frequently with the media and the police is simply superb.  Infact, for the first time I felt that a Rahman song was made famous simply because of the way the actor performed in it. True Rockstar stuff..!! How I wish, the director had given better thought to his disjointed script , which leaves you confused, irritated and frustrated by the time the end reels roll in. It’s a shame for Ranbir, as a better script would have helped his character evolve even better, but here it mostly leaves you confused of his behaviour.  It is mainly courtesy Ranbir’s award- worthy performance that the film leaves a mark in your mind; else it’s a disappointing fare of what could have been brilliant cinema.

However, after this I am sure all claims of Ranbir’s star quality would be put to rest. He is undoubtedly, here to stay for a long time. I haven’t found anyone after Hrithik showing such versatility in his film’s selection, emoting so confidently and having a star presence that he certainly does have. There have been many after Hrithik, who were briefly claimed to be the ‘next big thing’. Vivek Oberoi is a prime example, and so is Shahid Kapoor (although he is a very good actor but I don’t see him being a huge crowd –puller in the coming days, a trait that Ranbir exudes), they have had their brief periods of fame, but haven’t managed to sustain it.  Imran Khan, was briefly considered as Ranbir’s competitor (frankly, I don’t see him lasting for long as he has his limitations in acting but then that is completely my  personal opinion) , but RK has now surged ahead.

Ranbir, I feel would not make that mistake, as he looks to have a matured head on his shoulders. I never like comparisons between actors of different generations. I would hence not waste time in claiming him to be dethroning some other great actor. I believe that the Indian film industry is large enough to make space for all kinds of ‘stars’ to prevail and maintain their longevity if they have it in them. There is no need to make any unnecessary bad blood between the reigning stars and the upcoming ones. It is time I think to welcome him with open arms and hope that he survives to lift our cinema to giant heights. After all it’s his ‘Haq’ to stay here now. 


  1. very well written bahvesh and i completely agree with u..u see just three years back he started his film career and now he has proved that he is a versatile actor by selecting different and challenging characters.. for me rockstar performance is outstanding,awsum and he shud get award for this..and bahvesh its good that u have started writing on films...very nice article..

  2. very - very well written Bhavesh , agree with every point u have put up. Regarding De-throning , i beg to differ coz i think , whom-so-ever has the throne now will himself give it to him as he is only the next-gen star of stars universally proved.
    v v v different approach for the article... All the best ...:)

  3. good one..very good............agreed with u totally.......he is climbing the ladder day by day...and i hope he will be on top soon.

  4. ranbir is ma fav....he is outstandin.....luv ur post n luv him too...khekhe..:)

  5. Bhavesh this must be your blog but i truly feel, third paragraph onwards these are my feelings put into sentences and correct expressions and quoted by bhavesh-the tiger man.. i feel exactly the same... RK totally did more than justice to his role in rockstar... wonder boy!! he is a big threat to all actors in the film fraternity after rockstar... I started noticing him only after rocket singh.. and with rockstar... i had my heart beating faster to all those aggresive moves, those teary eyed love expressions, and evrything.. We will surely see this guy for the next 30 years, athe next BI(G label after Mr bacchan and the three khans... coz nobody has gained so much of fame like these four people.. keep writing bhavesh.. u r the man!

  6. completely agree wid u dude, ending was a lil dissapointing , even the director is unable to convey the reason for his frustration n d pain he(R.K) is bearing, resulting confusion.
    Anywayz the audience will still b attracted jus for R.K's acting n his songs....

    One more thing i would like to add about ur writing, i personally like it very much, actualy wat i admire is unlike others,inspite of using heavy heavy words ur writing does not give impression of having grt knowledge vocabulary n using it unnecesserily ,rather ur usage of words gives impression of their necessity n justifies its usage. great job man!!!

  7. well i watched sawariya, couldn't complete the was sooo boring...even fresh faces and his acting didn't help bit. but wake up sid was sooo refreshing and i really liked his acting...i watch it for two times...i liked rocket singh and even rajneti...his acting is so good...well i missed rock star...i didnt find promo that interesting. but watever it is ranbir is here to stay because of his good selection of films and of his acting...and bhavesh like alys ur article is good...toooooo good...thumps up!