Sunday, April 1, 2012

To Dhoni, with Love..!!

Cometh the hour, cometh the Man..!! 

“Dhoniii finishes off in style…Into the crowd and India win the World Cup after 28 years..”   -  These words in Ravi Shastri’s booming baritone still rings fresh in the minds of millions of Indian cricket fans across the globe.  I of course was one of them, jumping off my chair; flaying my hands wildly, pumping my chests like a gorilla and screaming swear words into the sky at the top of my lungs to no one in particular.  Yes, that was the effect exactly 365 days ago when Indian captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni nonchalantly helped his country lift the coveted World trophy and soothe many an Indian heart with joy and pride.   With it also came a feeling of relief, on finally getting there, which we Indians had been waiting for so long.  And if there was one man we should be thankful to for getting us that, it is MSD. Yes, it’s without a doubt that the Sachins, the Yuvrajs the Zaheers and Gambhirs made the core but without Dhoni at the helm, the dream perhaps would have continued. It’s rather sad that people here forget very easily and love to bring people on top right to the ground.

However, I would forever be grateful to the man for giving so many wonderful memories over the years to cherish. I shall not waste my time here in comparing him with other ‘greatest’ Indian captains. Neither will I take a list of Dhoni’s achievements and babble over it. It’s been done to death with and frankly I am bored with the same old debates.  For me, Dhoni remains one of the most enigmatic people that I have known and have gotten inspired by. More than his skills as a batsman or as a captain it is his thought process and the simplicity with which he looks at things that bowls me over. The clarity of thought, the willingness to accept mistakes and the courage to take on challenges is what makes him different and unique. Yes it’s true that he has made errors in the past few months, has look tired and jaded; but there are obvious reasons for that too.  In the aftermath of India’s horrendous run  last few months , the one thing that stands out is in the is the way Dhoni has remained calm and silent. He has taken the brickbats head on.  

People in India love to hate. And Dhoni unfortunately is finding himself at the wrong side of people’s ire at the moment. It’s a pity they forget how much he has done for the country as a captain, as a player and merely with his presence.  His decision to send himself up on the finals of the World Cup was heroic to say the least; the rest of course is history.  More recently, when he declared on how he is planning to retire by 2013 so that the next wicket-keeper who comes in would have ideal time to fit in for the next World Cup is laudable indeed. That speaks of his loyalty and foresightedness. There are several more examples which can be noted down here, but that pehaps would take a book to write. 

No matter how many people keep criticizing him, Dhoni would keep going for as long as he loves.  I am sure there are people who still love him. I sure am one of them. It would be difficult to imagine life without Dhoni, as he is a frequent topic of hot conversations between me and my pals. Plus he has given me as a writer, lots to think and write about. I hope someday I would get to meet him personally. That is current a highly cherished dream of mine. Lastly though, I would just like to thank him for the impact he has had on me, for inspiring me and for all those wondrous and lifelong moments. 

Thank you MSD. This is one of your most loyal fans giving you a grand salute on the eve of the anniversary of our World Cup victory. No matter what the future holds for you..I would keep standing by your side....  Keep rocking… Bas ‘Dho’ daalo ….

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